Sunday, November 16, 2014

Google Search Has Serious Problems

Recently, the TIOBE index rated Dart as it's #17th ranked programming language.

Dart is still not available in any production browser and its JavaScript output is still hideously large. How can a programming language that has no production environment to run in, be "popular"?

I'm not the only one to be asking about this:
Dart still far from hitting the JavaScript bullseye | ITworld

Even Dart "evangelist" Seth Ladd seem to be scratching his head about it when he announced the TIOBE findings on Google Plus.

I went searching (literally) for an answer and found that Google has amazingly skewed results for the Go, C#, R and Dart programming languages. The numbers for C and Java simply cannot be that (relatively) small.

I used four general purpose search engines and looked for the phrase "_PLName_ programming language" (in quotes) in each of the search engines and recorded the number of results returned. The number of results is listed, rounded, in thousands. The measurements were taken on 11/16/2014 between 2 and 6 pm MST.

Note that the method I am using is unfair to languages like JavaScript and CoffeeScript as their name makes people suffix with "programming language" less frequently.

Looking at the top 10 for the 4 search engines:

Bing, Baidu and Yandex return results that are believable. Google, on the other hand, is off in a fantasy world. Imagine not listing C and Java in the top 10! Dart #2, R #3, Go #4; seriously?

Something is very wrong here. Lots of people use search engine's number of results to get a gauge on popularity... Google needs to fix this as soon as possible.

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