Thursday, October 16, 2014

Apple iPad/Mac Event

The event was largely a rehash of WWDC with some standard incremental-enhancement product announcements with no surprises.
I killed my live blog notes... just too boring.

There were only two items of note:

1) They've only sold 225 million iPads -- ever -- (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and part of 2014).
To put that in perspective. The PC Industry in 2013, a truly down year, shipped 315 million units.
Android shipped 120 million tablets in just 2013.

Forget all about #2 below... see final update.
2) The Mac mini price dropped to $499 and appears to have SSDs... this needs closer examination... but might be worth a look. They are supposed to be available later today. Web site still not switched over, so I'm still waiting for other shoe to drop as it usually does with Apple pricing.

UPDATE: 1:30 Web site now up. The Mac mini SSDs were too good to be true. But it's still an OK upgrade. Probably the only Mac Desktop worth the money. Will need to wait for an iFixit tear down to see if I can upgrade it easily on my own.

UPDATE: 1:39 Apple scandalously is putting 5400 RPM disk drives in default configurations of iMacs. Steer away from these! I thought they would surely stop doing that this time. With the prices they charge, that's just insane. ALL HARDWARE UPGRADES ARE RIDICULOUSLY PRICED!

UPDATE 10/17 19:18 Forget all about #2 above, The Mac mini's memory is not even upgradable.
Apple just doesn't get that systems are getting cheaper and they were already over-priced.

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