Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple Has Most Boring Event in its History

As expected, it released two awkwardly shaped the #iPhone 6 and 6 plus. The phones maintain the aspect ratio of the newer iPhones... except they get even bigger!

Here's a chart comparing the sizes with popular Android devices:
PhoneHeight  Width
iPhone 4, 4s4.52.31
iPhone 5, 5C, 5S4.872.31
iPhone 65.42.64
iPhone 6 plus6.223.06
Nexus 55.432.72
Moto X5.092.57
Samsung Galaxy S4  5.382.75
Samsung Galaxy S5  5.592.85

For those unhappy that the new iPhones are so large, the Android world has a number of phones sized like the Moto X.

Apple also pre-announced the "Apple Watch" it's a lot like an Android Wear watch.
When Microsoft used to do things like this they were called "vaporware".
The Apple Watch is surprisingly ugly. Basically a square with 3 different metal casings an a variety of watchbands. It has an ugly wartish knob on the size that is reminiscent of a winding stem on a mechanical watch. Hey Jony Ive, I thought you said skeuomorphism was bad?

It comes in two sizes... even the larger one is likely to have very bad battery life.
It has wireless charging -- which is good, cause you'll need to do that a lot... think of it as an iClock.
They did have an interesting way of launching apps.
The cheapest is $350 and as the high-end ones have 18K gold-plated casing, one expects they will be truly expensive.
They tried to make it out as a great fitness device, but as it's functionality requires the presence of an iPhone, I doubt they'll succeed that much outside of the truly Apple faithful.

They made a vague announcement of something called Apple Pay. I'll wait to see what that really entails before commenting. (It was actually a very long vague announcement.)

The rest was rehash of what was said at the WWDC.

Seriously, that's all there was. Even the colors of the iPhone remained the same: beige and two shades of grey... you do know Tim Cook was at IBM for quite some time?

[This post originally started out as a "live" blog of the Apple Event today... but so little happened at the event, I didn't want to bore you, so I made this synopsis.]

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