Monday, April 7, 2014

Big Apple News

I put this on this site's Google+ page, basically the email is Steve Jobs preparing to meet with Apple's top 100. It gives great insight into how little was going on in Apple in 2011. It contains enough of interest, I decide to put a link here as well.

Important email from Steve Jobs in court proceedings.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Microsoft Clearly Believes Office is Dying

Microsoft is clearly admitting that Office is in trouble. They released the iPad touch version (probably long) before their version for Windows is ready. On phones, the apps are not only free, but they have even dropped the Office 365 requirement for editing.

With new Office, Microsoft plays defense - Business - The Boston Globe

Office for iPhone and Android phones is now completely free! | PC Tech Magazine

My advice is stick with QuickOffice/LibreOffice for legacy compatibility and move away from Microsoft Office as quickly as you can. Don't think that Microsoft has learned its lesson... it is just trying to keep you trapped.

See my Alternatives to Microsoft Office for a list of ways out of the trap.