Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Strange. Possibly Humorous News

First they made a women's skirt out of cell phones, now:
Nokia's Treasure Tag helps you find lost items with your Lumia | PCWorld
It's a bluetooth-enabled (rather large) tag you attach to things you think you might want to find. It's the most impractical device I've ever seen. Sure, they claim a 6-month battery life, but what person that actually needs the device, will get around to charging it?
Just to make sure only 10 people world-wide ever use it, the tags are $30 apiece and only work with Lumia phones. For some reason they believe third-parties will make apps that support the tags for iOS and Android. Even stranger, you can only have 4 devices with the tags per phone -- why?
What next, a cell phone that is an Android/Windows Phone hybrid?
No, wait, they've done that too:
Nokia X Software Platform: An Android-Windows Phone mess (hands-on) - CNET Reviews
Will the Nokia strangeness/humor never end?

Speaking of strangeness/humor never ending:
'Flappy Bird' Is Dead, Long Live 'Splashy Fish' - Forbes
But this is even weirder... it features Miley Cyrus's head flying by flapping her tongue:
Flappy Bird clone Flying Cyrus takes a wrecking ball to App Store chart

And for that matter, will people ever tire of finding Google Glass odd?
We Now Have a Report of a Google Glass Hate Crime | WebProNews

I'm not sure why Steve Jobs should be "honored" at all. I guess it is just a blatant attempt by the USPS to get iCritter users to like them. It certainly is strange. There is some synergy... the USPS often has long lines and iCritter users seem to like standing in them! Do you suppose there will be a line stretching around the local post office the night before the stamp releases?
Steve Jobs approved for a 2015 U.S. postage stamp

This is humorous, and certainly Amazon trying to deliver via a drone is strange:
Netflix Mocks Amazon With Video for DVD Delivery Drone | Wired Business | Wired.com

This next is an incredibly strange product. It is a bluetooth-enabled shell, that makes a AAA battery the size of an AA battery. The idea is you can use you smartphone to turn off your kid's toy. To me, that's just mean. Also, a AAA used as a AA is likely to cause issues in some devices.

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