Monday, February 3, 2014

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

The Google various sagas continue....
LA Times - Google ordered to move 'mystery' barge island in San Francisco Bay

Meet Google's Robot Army. It's Growing.

The Simpsons may have the smartest thoughts yet about Google Glass | The Verge

Definitely strange:
This Magic Bra Will Only Unhook If The Woman Wearing It Is In Love - SFGate

class MyMessage extends Message throws(IOError) {
    @override String getMessage() {
        return "This is my way of telling you about a new law in Kentucky\n" +
                "I'm a University of Kentucky graduate\n" +
                "I wish I could say this sort of thing is unusual in KY.";
Computers are a foreign language in Kentucky - Parlez-vous Java? | TechEye

Someone actually went to the trouble to create a networking protocol that uses sound as the mechanism for message transmission. Bascially using microphone and speaker in a manner not completely unlike how old modems used to work.
Katee/quietnet · GitHub

The EU has gotten into its head that police ought to be able to remotely switch off your car. The security problems here are enormous. How will they know the car they are targeting is the one they will actually be switching off. (For example, what if the license plate is stolen or there is an error in the database?)
Coppers can switch off your car - Tech Eye - All the technology news unfit for print

Nearly as strange, the US Department of Transportation wants to have vehicles communicate to avoid crashes. Again, the security issues are enormous. Imagine the terrorism possibilities here.
Feds to require vehicle-to-vehicle communication to prevent crashes - San Jose Mercury News

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