Sunday, February 16, 2014

Strange, Possibly Humorous News -- Flappy Birds Edition

This doesn't begin to cover all the articles written about Flappy Bird.
Words fail me here... this is weirder than the "Hello Kitty" rifle.

Here Are Your 'Flappy Bird' Cheats, Ya Slackers

7 Tips for High Scores on Flappy Bird |

Why You Can't Quit Flappy Bird: It's The Ultimate Hardcore Game In Sheep's Clothing – ReadWrite

LA Times - 'Flappy Bird' to be removed from app stores, developer tweets

Flappy Bird is going down, but the developer is still going strong

Flappy Bird creator says he took it down because it was too addictive

Proof 'Flappy Bird' Will Be The End Of Humanity

Man Offers to Rent Flappy Bird iPhone on Craigslist |

How can I play Flappy Bird? Second-hand iPhone with Flappy Bird installed on eBay | Metro News

iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird 'sells for $94,000 on eBay' before listing mysteriously disappears | Metro News

Play Flappy Bird on Chrome – Chrome Story

Tiny Bird brings Flappy Bird to the Pebble | Android Authority

These Flappy Bird Alternatives May Help With Your Flappy Withdrawal – ReadWrite

Flappy Bird is gone, but 174 indie developers won't let it be forgotten

Google Begins Rejecting 'Flappy' Games From The Play Store As Clones Continue To March In

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