Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MWC 2014 - Smartphones

There were of course a number of smartphone announcements (for example the Samsung S5), but they really were not that interesting.

There were three that were interesting for very different reasons:

First the Lenovo S860. This $349 phone has amazing battery life: up to 40 days in standby and 43 hours of talk time.
Lenovo S850 and S860 smartphones bring ultra-long battery life, quad-core processors - SlashGear

Then, Mozilla announced yet more Firefox OS progress on low-end phones:
Firefox aiming to power entry-level smartphone - Taipei Times

And finally, the Nokia X series (actually 3 different phones):
Nokia fails all on all fronts with Nokia X. Basically it is an Android phone with no Google -- has Microsoft infrastructure instead, and a front-end designed to look like Windows Phone. Ugh! Who would want this?

Nokia Launches Android-Based Phone; Google Giggles - Nokia (NYSE:NOK) - 24/7 Wall St.

This is Nokia X: Android and Windows Phone collide | The Verge

Will the Nokia X be useful without Google's services?

Nokia X Software Platform: An Android-Windows Phone mess (hands-on) - CNET Reviews

How Developers And Consumers Can Get Android Apps On The Nokia X – ReadWrite

Really, this Nokia phone will flop so big!!!

Nokia seems to be having the corporate equivalent of a nervous breakdown.

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