Thursday, February 27, 2014

Apple Fixes its Inexcusable Security Flaw -- But only for some of its users.

First and foremost, there is no excuse for Apple's recently revealed SSL security flaw.
Even the most trivial of SSL testing would have caught this.
You can see the bug here:
The iPhone bug: Is Apple getting too rich and too lazy? -

If you don't understand this bug, please understand one thing:


All operating systems... Windows, Android, etc have security flaws... this is different. This happened because Apple simply didn't test something they unquestionably should have tested. If this is broken, then iOS and MacOS X are likely riddled with huge security flaws. They even had a 4 day lag between iOS getting the fix and MacOS X getting the fix (leaving the MacOS X users incredibly vulnerable). [Adding weight to the argument that Apple favors iOS over MacOS X.]

Apple's goto fail needs a massive culture change to fix | ZDNet

But Apple hasn't really fixed the bug for all of its customers. It is only fixing the bug for the golden customers that upgrade frequently:
Apple Retires Snow Leopard Support, Leaves 1 In 5 Macs In The Dust – ReadWrite

Now, I'm sure the Apple apologists will say,  Snow Leopard is 4 generations old. Apple has a track record of not supporting more than 3 generations back. Well, that is true. But it is an arbitrary decision on their part and this bug is both serious and should have never happened at all! My father is still running Snow Leopard. Mainly because Apple made some gratuitous changes to software he values and worse, he regularly uses software (like iDvd) that Apple has dropped. So I'm stuck with a hard decision about how to help him.

iOS 6 Users Left In The Lurch After Security Flaw Discovered | KOSU Radio

Apple is being even more rude to iOS users. They still sell the iPhone 4S and were selling the iPhone 4 6 months ago. Everybody know iOS 7 runs poorly on those phones, so many (maybe most) still run iOS 6. But Apple is not fixing the problem for them either!

Again, I find myself asking... Why do people put up with Apple?

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