Sunday, January 26, 2014

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

There was an unusually diverse and large collection of weirdness this time. Believe it or not, I don't actually go looking for this kind of thing... they just show up in my news feeds.

Not happy with just threatening to do deliveries via drone:
Amazon wants to send you stuff before you've even decided to buy it

iPhone users are a lot like avid golfers -- if it's expensive enough you can sell them anything. This crazy accessory weighs in at $149:
Review: Motrr's Galileo motorized iPhone dock for panoramic photo taking

TechEye is a British Tech blog that follows the style of British tabloid journalism. (For Americans not familar... think half Wall Street Journal and half National Enquirer.) Anyway, I just loved the title of this story about Nintendo's recent massive fall:
Nintendo really smells of Wii now

I've known a large number of Mathematicians... this is perfectly believable:
How a Math Genius Hacked OkCupid to Find True Love - Wired Science

Ok, I'm not sure how something can look like a "lost" city... nonetheless, this real cemetery is the corollary to "There's one born every minute":
Underwater cemetery looks like the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis

Speaking of "one born every minute", we turn to the stock market. Blackberry experienced a massive run up on this story:
BlackBerry Jumps After Protecting Turf in Defense Agency - Bloomberg
It highlights an 80,000 phone order for the Pentagon which was greeted by much laughter and astonishment the world over. The story includes a link to a DoD press release, which does seem to imply there is an order, though true to DoD form, isn't all that comprehensible.
However, the next day:
Pentagon says 'absolutely no new orders have been placed' for BlackBerry phones | The Verge

Not a headline I ever thought I'd see:
Pope to flog his Harley | News24

I suppose sleep never occurred to them?
Sleepy at the wheel wearing Google Glass? Now there's an app for that

Glass seems to attract weirdness:
Man Interrogated By FBI For Wearing Prescription Google Glass At The Movies - Business Insider

No, it's not erotica for dinosaurs....
Women Make BANK Writing Dinosaur Erotica

Remember last time's article about a place on the web to volunteer to go to Mars?
Utah Man Can Finally Dump Wife and Children By Going To Mars

Really, you can find anything on the web... ANYTHING: - What else is a geek dad to do...

Ah, those iPhone users... where would this blog be without them?
On 'SNL', A-Rod says he'll sue his iPhone | Technically Incorrect - CNET News

But the Android world is not immune to folly (cost $4,000-$5,000):
Meet Keecker, an expensive, smart Android projector robot that follows you around to entertain you
(To be clear, this is an android, that runs Android. That is clearer, right?)

Even so, I think iPhone users are more strange:
App lets iPhone users track great white sharks in real time - San Jose Mercury News
FLIR ONE, Yellow Jacket, iZZI Slim: iPhone cases are getting creepy.
and the obsession of places like HuffPo:
Happy Birthday iPhone! Here Are 7 Things You Killed

I know people are desperately looking for a (non-manufacturing) use for 3D printers, but this - really?Company uses 3D printer to make models of fetuses - Daily News
I have an ultrasound picture of my daughter, but I really cannot picture having a 3D model of pre-birth her, sitting on the coffee table. As she's now a teenager, I'm sure she'd be appalled at the very thought!
The article, not content to provide us with only one weirdness, included an aside:
If you're a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, you can also get a small replica of their baby. The North West figure, which is listed at $250, is based off of her post-birth pictures.
I'm not certain, but I guess this means they've named their baby "North"? When it grows up, will it sue?

Really, you can find anything on the Internet.

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