Thursday, January 9, 2014

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

To refresh your memory, Zune was Microsoft's very failed attempt to compete with iPods. Some guy made a desktop to imitate Zune and submitted it to LifeHacker:
The Zune Tribute Desktop

That such a game exists is of course strange and a bit humorous:
New iPhone game warns of dangers of surveillance state | Fox News
Even stranger, but not at all humorous is the possibility the NSA may be watching you play:
The NSA Reportedly Has Total Access To The Apple iPhone - Forbes

I read this story because I didn't understand all the references to "doge" I was seeing. I'm still not sure I understand... but it is all very strange....
Wow this is doge | The Verge

Here's one app that I suspect one only could find for iOS. Surely only Apple lovers would try to learn to meditate with an App?
Buddhify 2 Teaches You How to Meditate, Even If You're Busy

This next article is strange and interesting...
You Can Order Domino's Pizza From a Car App Because the Future Is Absurd
In the comments one person complains that this silly pizza ordering mechanism is the last straw and that they wanted to volunteer to go to Mars, which is answered by another person... pointing at a place where one can do that (i.e. volunteer to go to Mars):
Humankind on Mars - Mission - Mars One
Perhaps it really is possible to find *anything* on the Internet.

Is that a Phablet in your pocket or are you wearing a full body cast?
Meet the Hisense X1, a 6.8-inch Android 4.4 KitKat smartphone set to launch in the U.S. this summer

And of course the usual CES contenders:

Toothbrush knows more about you than you do - Internet of Fangs getting a little silly | TechEye

This robot will clean your barbecue, and other bizarre robotics at CES | Technology |

WowWee's MiP revisited: the dance of the robot fairies

These next two are about the same thing... it's made by the same company that had the Linux/iPad powered rifle last year:
The hunting rifle of the future is here at CES (video) | PCWorld

Discussing a Linux powered AR-15 and how Ars doesn’t serve “normals” | Ars Technica

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