Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Most News Link Posts Moving to Google+ - Please Follow +Computing Compendium

News link posts seem to overwhelm many people. For some reason, they try to read every link.
They are also time consuming for me to create.
I also seem to have better luck getting people to comment on Google +.
So, I'm trying a new way.

Each day I'll select up to 3 important news links and post it to this blog's Google + page.
You can access this page by searching for: +Computing Compendium from your Google+ home screen.
Please "follow" this page and the posts will appear in your Google+ stream.

The following "News Link" posts will continue to be posted to this blog:
"Strange, Possibly Humorous News"
and the monthly posts:
"Device News"
"Chrome App News"

Longer pieces will appear on this blog, with links being posted to the +Computing Compendium Google+ page.

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