Thursday, January 30, 2014

Monthly Device News Roundup

This is a monthly round-up of news, mostly about Linux-based devices (Android, ChromeOS, and many others). I try to limit it to interesting or important devices.


This epitomizes what I don't like about the current crop of wearables... it has a 3-4 hour battery life.
Short battery life is why I'm down on most wearables (Google Glass for example). I recharge my Fitibit Flex once a week.

Ah, TechEye... continuing to tell it like it is:

One of the few current wearables I'd actually consider buying:

Not out yet, but looks promising... supposedly 7-10 day battery life.


This should make all those iPhone users that prefer it's smaller size, sit up and take notice:
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Review | Stuff

A highly secure Android phone.
Blackphone promises complete privacy, but what will it deliver? - Liliputing

Huawei has made great strides in the US smartphone market and is huge in China and many other places. This game console is new territory for them. It is currently targeted at China. Cost: $120.
Huawei unveils its own Android-powered micro-console, the Huawei Tron

A new usage for Android.
CES 2014: Gigabyte BRIX MAX is Haswell based Android NAS Device | PC Perspective

This article from CES 2014 should end any doubts you might have about Wintel being in retreat.
The LenovoThinkVision 28 is an Android all-in-one using NVidia's new Tegra K1.
It has a 28-inch 4K display. (Let all of that soak in.)
First Tegra K1 benchmarks appear courtesy of the Lenovo ThinkVision 28
The K1 soundly beats Apple's latest processor, but get this, the K1 has faster graphics than Intel Haswell!

Smartphone pricing is dropping rapidly.
How low can smartphones go? Xiaomi said to be looking to bring $50 smartphone to the market
I'm seeing numerous reports saying that smartphone prices average selling price is expected to be $150 in places like China and India (the #1 and #2 markets in 2014) and $250 in the #3 US market by 2015.
Given the $179 Moto G, I can easily believe that.
AnandTech | Google Announces Moto G Google Play Edition
If this had been out, I might have got it instead of my $350 Nexus 5. IMO, people carrying $600 phones are just crazy - why spend so much on something so easily dropped, lost, or stolen?
Motorola is making it clear that they intend to be in this market, talking about $50 smartphones.
Motorola CEO promises even cheaper devices and enhanced customization
The ASP for an iPhone is said to be $636.
[Logical conclusion: Make Carl Icahn poor - sell AAPL stock now. :-)]

Well, it does constitute a new use for Android... to be clear, this is an android, controlled by Android.
Meet Keecker, an expensive, smart Android projector robot that follows you around to entertain you


Lenovo plans big Chromebook push for 2014 | CES 2014: Computers and Hardware - CNET Blogs

Lenovo Announces Two New Rugged Chromebooks for Schools – Chrome Story

Other Linux

8 Innovative Linux-Based Products Demoed at CES |

This scanner:
SDG Systems Announces Yocto Project Participation and Rugged Linux Scanner
Contains a customized Linux distro, that was built using this:
Yocto Project | Open Source embedded Linux build system, package metadata and SDK generator

General Device News

Nintendo kills a patent troll - Now has its magic beans | TechEye

MIT develops unique transparent display technology - Android Authority

Google is testing smart contact lenses to monitor glucose levels - Liliputing

World’s smallest 3D Depth sensor could redefine gesture based control of mobile devices | Android Authority

I consider touchscreen laptops and all-in-ones an abomination (hybrids excepted). Even so, I do think this guy makes some good points...
Why Your Next Laptop Should Have a Touchscreen

Developer and Mini Devices

Intel's new NUC mini PC is bigger, but more expandable - Liliputing

CompuLab launches fanless, Haswell-powered Intense PC2 - Liliputing

MSI J1800i is a Bay Trail board and CPU combo for just $60 - Liliputing

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