Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Linux News

Including Android under Linux this time.
Android PCs and other Windows-alternative desktops are for real | ZDNet

SteamOS is the latest Linux variant taking the world by storm:
These 14 Companies, Plus Valve, Are Making Steam Machines |

Many governments are taking a look at a move to Linux.
China reveals COS: a government-approved operating system designed to break the monopoly of foreign software

They did quite a thorough review, this is worth reading if you care about security.
UK's security branch says Ubuntu most secure end-user OS | ZDNet

The gist is you won't have to go through the pain of a full upgrade very often.
Taking the long view: Why I'm moving to CentOS Linux on the desktop | ZDNet

Helpful info for those that want a cheap way to get a Linux laptop:
How to run Linux on a Chromebook | ITworld

Firefox OS keeps moving along:
Firefox OS expands to TVs, new phones, and other platforms - Liliputing

Meet the first Firefox OS tablet prototype - Liliputing

Probably not much to hear from Tizen or Ubuntu Touch in 2014.
Major setbacks for two new smartphone OSs, Tizen and Ubuntu Touch

Two articles by the same author about his use of a Jolla smartphone:
Twenty Four Hours With The Jolla Smartphone - Forbes

Jolla Review: Some Rough Edges, But This Linux Smartphone Shows Promise - Forbes

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