Friday, January 17, 2014

Intel Caught Cheating and Other Intel News

Intel used ARM chips in wearables demos at CES | CNET News
No, really, you read that title right, and yes, it means what you think it means.

This PC Magazine article broke the story first... man, the snarky comments that Intel made when asked about it. Has Intel gone insane?
Intel's Demo Devices at CES Had ARM Inside

But that's not the only way Intel's "cheating", they are also paying people to use their chips:
How Intel is buying a piece of the tablet market | PC World
Here are some quotes:
The Intel division that makes Bay Trail will incur a “significant increase” in its operating loss to pay for the plan, CFO Stacy Smith said at the November meeting, but the upshot is likely to be a lot more tablets based on Intel chips, potentially even from big players like Samsung.
CEO Brian Krzanich shed a bit more light on the plan during Intel’s quarterly earnings call Thursday when he was asked what proportion of Intel-based tablets will be supported by its so-called “contra revenue” subsidies. 
After a bit of hesitation, Krzanich said that “the majority of projects we have in 2014 use some level of contra revenue.” That confirmed what many analysts suspected: If you pick up a Bay Trail tablet this year, chances are Intel will have paid the manufacturer to cover the cost of using its chips.
There have been lots of followup articles about Intel's earnings today. Here are two good ones:

This next article is by Seeking Alpha's Intel fan Ashraf Eassa. While he generally likes Intel, he seems both fair and knowledgeable. I've often linked to him in by "ARM and Intel News" posts.
Intel's Time Is Running Out

Don’t Worry About PCs, Worry About Pricing

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