Thursday, January 9, 2014

Device News

List is long this month as overflow from my CES post is included. Some things not listed in this post are here:

Note, I called it Device News not Android Device News this time. Probably it should be called Linux-based Device News, but too many people won't realize that that would cover Android, ChromeOS, Firefox OS and Tizen as well.

Google Glass

At least personally, I'm much more interested in smart watches (especially with fitness tracking) than Google Glass.
Why Google Glass is doomed. - The Next Web

Even Google Employees Are Giving Up On Google Glass - Business Insider

CES 2014: Trail of wearable fails a warning for Google


Fuhu's kids tablets are very popular here in the US, being carried in Best Buy, Target and Walmart and often making Amazon's Best Selling Tablets list.
Fuhu Nabi 2 kid's tablet grows up, gets Google Play Store support - Liliputing

Closer look at Fuhu's DreamTab tablets for kids - Liliputing

It was probably the best mid-range tablet available in 2013, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition taking high-end spot.
If you want a tablet, just buy Google’s Nexus 7 already – Quartz

Especially if you don't know what the K1 is, you want to read this one:
NVIDIA Tegra K1 reference tablet has 4GB RAM, full HD display - Liliputing

The $38 Android Tablet Is Coming to the U.S. | News & Opinion |


HP announces Android-powered Slate 21 Pro - Android Authority

Lenovo launches 20 inch, 28 inch Android-powered all-in-ones - Liliputing

Acer launches 27-inch all-in-one Android PC | Business Tech - CNET News

This next is ChromeOS, NOT Android:
CES 2014: Hands-on preview with the LG Chromebase desktop |

Wearables (some run Android others connect to Android)

Bluetooth Bracelet Monitors Sun Exposure -

Belkin shows Linux powered smart slow cooker at CES 2014 » Muktware

Samsung will bundle wearables with its high end offerings:
Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 to launch with accompanying wearables, Samsung exec says

Razer introduces Nabu smartwatch and activity tracker - Liliputing

E Fun introduces $100 NextOne Smartwatch - Liliputing

Main Stream Linux Devices

Lenovo Beacon $199 home media server has XBMC pre-loaded (and up to 6TB of storage) - Liliputing

Valve announces over more than a dozen Linux-powered Steam gaming boxes | ZDNet

Oddball Android Devices

Google will put Android in cars in 2014. Audi, GM, Honda are on board

Samsung launches Galaxy Camera 2: Android camera with more horsepower - Liliputing

Ampeq SoundPad 2 Android media player sports stereo 3W speakers - Liliputing

The $11,999 Dacor 7-inch Android tablet also doubles as a 48-inch oven

ZTE marries hotspot device and projector with ZTE Projector Hotspot

Vizio announces portable Smart Audio players, powered by KitKat


    this new tegras even more powerful than intel hd4400 8)
    hope nvidia wont be too late to the market this time again

    - Lgk

  2. Thanks for sharing that! Here's a different benchmark showing similar results:


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