Thursday, January 9, 2014

ARM and Intel News

First some sad news:

ARM server chip pioneer Calxeda shuts down | PCWorld
This is unlikely to majorly damage the ARM-based server movement though.

Looks like politics is rearing its head in the semiconductor market.
Qualcomm confused over Chinese antitrust action - We have still not been told why | TechEye

Now, a bunch of new ARM chips:

The K1 seems to have the most buzz:
NVIDIA introduces Tegra K1 mobile chips with 192 graphics cores - Liliputing

Tegra K1: an in-depth look

AnandTech | NVIDIA Tegra K1 Preview & Architecture Analysis

Snapdragon 805 (Adreno 420 GPU) video demos show what late 2014 Android devices will do

The 802 in this next article is NOT a typo, it is a different chip than the 805:
Qualcomm Snapdragon 802 chip for TVs, set-top-boxes - Liliputing

MediaTek to demo chipsets for LTE, wearables and 4K TVs at CES | PCWorld

Switching to Intel news, things are really quite awful.

I've complained here before about Intel not meeting its promises about shipping Bay Trail systems for the holidays. But even at CES, there really were no shipping Bay Trail Z3770 systems [though 1 announcement that I saw]. Lots of people are asking where's the Bay Trail Intel? The Z3740 that is is shipping in a dozen systems or so is for some reason limited to 2Gb and is not competitive with high-end ARM chips. Something really stinks here, but Intel isn't coming clean about it.

Worse! Intel appears to be rapidly losing the mobile market:
Intel Corporation (INTC): Intel Loses The Galaxy Tab [SAMSUNG ELECT LTD(F)] - Seeking Alpha

Intel Corporation (INTC): Intel's Merrifield Looks Dead On Arrival - Seeking Alpha

Developer Boards and Mini-Devices

This next isn't hardware, but rather an alternate OS to Linux for small devices:

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