Monday, December 16, 2013

Non-Android Linux-based Mobile OS News

A roundup of Firefox OS, Tizen, Jolla and Ubuntu News.
There's a lot this time.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS is clearly leading the others.

Mozilla chalks up thousands of Firefox OS apps | ZDNet

Firefox OS 1.1 brings more basic features, including notifications, MMS - Liliputing

Firefox OS Sees Success, Gets Opened To New Markets – ReadWrite

As iPhone 5c Fades, Firefox OS And Android Square Off In Emerging Markets – ReadWrite

With Firefox OS, an $80 Smartphone Tries to Prove Its Worth | MIT Technology Review

'Firefox OS is because we want the web to win, not because we want Firefox OS to win' | ZDNet

Telefonica brings Firefox OS phones to Mexico, Peru, Uruguay - Liliputing


Linux Foundation: Open Source Tizen Is Alive And Well

First Tizen tablet launches in Japan, it's aimed at developers - Liliputing

Tizen makes stealth pitch to Samsung's Android acolytes | Mobile - CNET News

Samsung's Tizen developer phone could preview a future without Android - Liliputing

Tizen 3.0 to add support for multiple users, 64-bit architecture - Liliputing

The first Tizen device is already shipping (Samsung NX300M camera) - Liliputing

Tizen picks up steam, Samsung announces 36 new partners

Jolla and Ubuntu really are long shots.


Jolla starts accepting app submissions for Sailfish phones - Liliputing

Android support played a major role in killing Blackberry:
Jolla's Sailfish OS phones will feature Yandex.Store for Android apps - Liliputing

Hands-on with Jolla, the Nokia that could have been | The Verge


Canonical's long road to the Ubuntu Phone | News | TechRadar

The first phone running Ubuntu is on the way - Liliputing

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