Monday, December 16, 2013

Linux News

General Linux News:

This new file system is one of the most advanced I've ever seen:
Btrfs: Exploring its powerful filesystem subvolumes and snapshots | ZDNet

Come on Google, we've been patient for years now... what's the problem?
Google Drive for Linux? Patience, patience... | Internet & Media - CNET News

I find it interesting that the industry is going to start with open source. I've seen several industries coalesce around open source (routers for instance), but not one start that way.
Open source will let your fridge send messages to your TV and phone | Ars Technica

Canonical's getting a bit annoying:
Shuttleworth defends Mir, strikes out at Open Source Tea Party | ZDNet

Will Canonical force Linux Mint to license Ubuntu binary packages? | ITworld

A few new Linux distributions of note:
Linux Lite Is Heavy on Features and Usability | Reviews | LinuxInsider

Out in the Open: Say Hello to the Apple of Linux OSes | Wired Enterprise |

SmartOS (This one is for cloud servers)

Wow... Linux alternatives:
OSv: The Open Source Cloud Operating System That is Not Linux |

Fed up with Windows? Linux too easy? Get weird, go ALTERNATIVE • The Register

Think of Docker as being the basis for an App Store for servers. Or maybe a better way is thinking of it as providing servers the ease of app installation and security separation that smartphones have. Anyway, it bears watching.
The Future of Cloud Computing Now Runs on All Versions of Linux | Wired Enterprise |

Docker 0.7 has a lover in every port: Containerizer cozies up to Linux distros • The Register

Valve and their new SteamOS is all over the news:
Steam now 65 million users strong as Valve makes a push for the living room

Valve renews Linux commitment, Microsoft and Sony should worry | ZDNet

Valve Lines Up Console Partners in Challenge to Microsoft, Sony - Bloomberg

SteamOS: What You Need To Know First

Steam OS review - from a Linux user's point of view | Muktware

How to Install the SteamOS Beta on Your Computer

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