Monday, December 16, 2013

Legacy News (Apple MacOS, iOS and Microsoft Windows)

As I've been saying in this blog, it looks like a bad year for traditional PCs:

Canalys: Half Of All PCs Shipped in 2014 Will Be Tablets; Android 65%, Apple 30% | TechCrunch

PC shipments to decline further; no significant recovery expected | ZDNet

BBC News - PC shipments to see 'most severe yearly fall on record'

Microsoft still not getting anything right:
Windows 7 better than latest Microsoft OS

Microsoft retracts Windows 7 PC end-of-sales deadline - Computerworld

Sadly, the PC Industry Doesn’t Deserve a Place as Nice as the Microsoft Store |

It will be too late by the times that version of Windows ships...
Microsoft Could Bring Back The Start Menu In The Next Version Of Windows | TechCrunch

Touchscreen PCs expected to take 11 percent of 2013 notebook shipments
I'm betting there will be more than 11 percent as it is nearly impossible to find a Windows laptop without a touchscreen. I am also betting that almost no one that bought one will still be using the touchscreen a month after purchasing it (hybrids excepted as one would use the touchscreen when in tablet mode).

Is Apple cutting prices for carriers and retailers to protect market share?
I'm seeing a lot of articles like this one:
Wal-Mart to sell iPhone 5c for $27 with contract on Friday -
Oddly, there were places on Black Friday that had discounts on iPads and iPhones. These places could be taken less profit or even losses, but it was widespread enough to make one wonder if Apple wasn't giving them discounts. We will know more in February when we see Apple's profit margins.

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