Friday, November 22, 2013

ARM and Intel News

I've been watching the new hardware coming out for the holidays, and there is very little Bay Trail.
What little Bay Trail is there is in tablets or hybrids and tends to be the slower version and has small screens.
Bay Trail technology Celeron and Pentium are making some appearances in laptops, but there is a serious problem. At least with Windows, they are only in touch screen laptops. Worse most, possibly all, have only 2 gb of memory and they all have standard hard drives. As it is the same specs from several OEMs, one wonders if Intel is not putting these restrictions on the OEMs to keep these systems from undercutting the still expensive ultrabooks. To me it looks like the intentionally crippled netbooks all over again.

There is no reason why an 11" screen, 128gb SSD, 4 gb memory laptop isn't available  around $400. Yet not one such device is there.

It looks like another grim Holiday Season for the PC Industry again. When will they learn that most people don't want touch laptops? Nor do most want to pay more than $400 for one!

PC World is reporting low interest from OEMs in Bay Trail:
Intel's Bay Trail chips to hit 10 tablets, hybrids next month | PCWorld

The most amazing news is Intel's entry into ARM chip making:
Irony alert: Intel to make quad-core 64-bit ARM chip | Business Tech - CNET News

Intel still clearly rules the high end:
Xeon E5 - Geekbench Search - Geekbench Browser

Intel Corporation (INTC): Insiders Are Selling Intel - Seeking Alpha

Turning to ARM: | MediaTek acquires license to ARM Cortex-A50 Series processor cores, Mali GPU solutions

Mediatek makes waves in the smartphone market - But Qualcomm still rules the roost | TechEye

MediaTek launches its first 8-core chip - Liliputing

TSMC claims 20nm boost - Shares rise | TechEye

IBM has licensed five ARM processor designs for its network equipment unit | TopNews United States

ARM announces new embedded chip architecture for cars, hospitals, factories

Samsung is ready to manufacture 64-bit Exynos chips - official

ARM unveils graphics chip design with up to 16 cores | Mobile - CNET News

Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 to offer 40 percent faster graphics - Liliputing

560ppi displays are simply insane; it is beyond what human sight can differentiate.
Samsung making its own CPU core - Wants 560ppi displays too | TechEye

Samsung and ARM highlight 8 core multi-processing on Exynos 5420

A quick note about MIPS:
Imagination Unveils MIPS-Based Warrior CPU for Mobile Devices | News & Opinion |

Developer Boards and Mini-Devices

Imagine, only $20!
At $20, the U2 may be the cheapest Android TV stick around - Liliputing

$179 Arndale Octa dev board features a Samsung 5420 processor - Liliputing

VIA launches SpringBoard $100 ARM developer board platform - Liliputing

I bought a Rikomagic MK802IV for $85 (now costs $77 on Amazon) and run PicUntu on it... it is great!
PicUntu 4.4.3 brings Ubuntu Linux to devices with RK3188 quad-core chips - Liliputing

Rikomagic launches MK902 Android mini PC - Liliputing

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