Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tablet and Smartphone Market Share 3Q13 (IDC)

These numbers are according to IDC:

In the smart phone market, IDC did not break out by OS, however, we know Nokia had 8.8 million units sold in 3Q, so that would be 3.5% of the market, making Windows Phone overall < 4%. IDC says that Apple's share was 13.4% down from 15.6% last year.

World Smartphone Marketshare 3Q13
Apple iOS13.4%
Windows Phone~4%

Windows tablet market share was listed only as "struggling" by IDC, I'll give it 4%, it may well be significantly less.

World Tablet Marketshare 3Q13
Apple iOS29.6%
Windows Phone~4%

IDC, in the tradition of market analysts sucking up to the companies they cover, said:
However, with the new iPad Air shipping November 1st and the refreshed iPad mini with Retina scheduled to roll out later in November, IDC expects Apple to enjoy robust shipment growth during the fourth quarter.

This is of course silly. Apple unwisely raised the price of its new mini. It has severe screen supply problems with the new mini. Mini and iPad 2 sales dominated last holiday season. Android vendors have plenty of new tablets for the holidays not shipping yet too. Add to this iOS 7 woes and it is very likely that Apple will fall even further behind in 4Q13 and IDC surely knows this. Beyond marketshare loss, a contraction in number of units shipped (4Q12 vs 4Q13) is not out of the question.

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