Friday, October 11, 2013

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

Nokia Wants to Use Lightning to Charge Your Phone [VIDEO]

If you were trying to prove your embarrasing mapping system was all fixed, you certainly would not want to route motorists onto an airport runway. However, if you did do that by mistake, surely you wouldn't do it again?
Apple maps route to AK airport runway reactivated - Times Leader

The funniest part is that a phone that is truly gold-plated only costs 5x what an iPhone 5S does.
The Gold HTC One is a $4,400 limited edition plated in real gold

IEF 2013: Get ready to buy your last light bulb ever - Absolutely FABulous | TechEye

Strange, definitely creapy news:
U.S. military commissions real-life liquid armor Iron Man suit | DVICE

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