Sunday, October 6, 2013

Non-Android Linux and Open Source News

I use MongoDB as my main database in my business. I really do not like SQL, MongoDB is easy to use. It is amazingly small. Our main server is an atom-based 4"x3"x1" box with a 16gb ssd and an external 2TB USB drive. It has 1gb of memory. Mongodb is so efficient that we've seen no need to get a bigger server, even though several other functions are on that system too.
MongoDB Leads Big Data With $150 M Infusion, Attracts Partners IBM, Microsoft And - Forbes

Wow, a Firefox OS box!
VIA APC $79 computer can now run Firefox OS (or Boot 2 Gecko) - Liliputing

Free Software Foundation celebrates 30th birthday - Stallman looks back | TechEye

The author of this list has really good taste in what he chose:
10 open-source alternatives for small business software | PCWorld

French National Police Switch 37,000 Desktop PCs to Linux | Wired Enterprise |

Analysis: Can SteamOS drag the PC game industry over to Linux? | Ars Technica

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