Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Live" Blogging the Apple iPad Event

[Synopsis: Apple launches two new iPads. Neither are cost competitive with Android. iPad mini with retina display costs $399!!! It clearly is delayed, time will tell whether or not supply chain problems will make it essentially unavailable for the holiday season. OS X Maveriks will be a free upgrade. All in all one can regard the new iPads as an early Christmas present for Android vendors. These tablets, especially given the problems with iOS 7 and the A7 processor that is in the iPhone 5S and both new iPads, virtually guarantee a great holiday season for Android.]

This "live" blog is just my reactions to the Apple iPad Event. I tried to watch it via live stream, but Apple is apparently incompetent about such things. This is the third event in a row where they have screwed this up. Did everybody competent there move to Google or something?

Just spent 15 minutes or so downloading and installing the Apple TV update, hoping to view it on the TV... why does it takes so long?  (Actually, I only thought it was done, it is still going.) Why does Apple TV need updated so often? The online stream of the event only works with a Mac, it just says "Available shortly. Please check back soon". The event was scheduled for 11:00, it is 11:05.

Sigh, just checked AnandTech, they are live blogging. Apparently Apple is unable to live stream the event AGAIN. What is Apple's problem? This is like the third event in a row.

AnandTech says they are recapping iOS 7... will they apologize for all the bugs and the poorly handled roll-out?

11:10  Apple TV still updating. Live stream still not available.

AnandTech shows Tim Cook going over the usual bragging.

Until further notice, I'm following AnandTech here.

Talking about Maveriks. Seems to be a rehash of stuff they did at the WWDC. One interesting factoid, they claim an older MacBook Air 13" will get 1 extra hour of battery life just by running Maveriks. It's not that surprising really, at WWDC they listed the various kernel improvements. Most of these are already in other OSs, but still its good to see Apple getting them.

Still doing Maveriks rehash. Apple TV update just finished. (11:15) It took about 25 minutes total.

11:17 Event live stream still unavailable.

11:18 Maveriks still being rehashed.

11:21 Still no live stream.

Maveriks update is free. [Wake up Microsoft... you're still charging $119+.]

11:26 Still no live stream. [I am "officially" declaring Apple incompetent!]

MacBook Pro getting a Haswell refresh. So far nothing exciting.

The 13" MacBook Pro starts at $1,299 so Apple still isn't facing the reality of pricing.

They appear to be doing retina only now.

Switching to Mac Pro now.

So far no big news at all from this event.

AnandTech just now realizing they are going retina only. Come on AnandTech, how else would Apple justify their high prices? It amazes me that people that regularly cover Apple cannot see that Apple artificially props up their pricing. If Apple would produce a high quality, $500-$600 low-end-Haswell based notebook, they would literally own the market and they could make a reasonable profit doing so, but Apple isn't interested in reasonable profits and it will eventually destroy them.

Apple still wasting time on the Mac Pro... a system which maybe a few hundred thousand people will actually buy.

11:38 Still not live stream. Even Microsoft does it better than this.

Mac Pro available in Decemeber, starts at $2,999. Of course all the people that really needed this, needed it a couple of years ago and have moved on. Plus this one is not expandable like the last one was.

11:43 Still no live stream.

Going over iLife update.

iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand all iOS-7-ized.

GarageBand is the only app I missed when I moved to Android. Android getting a few things for Music, but lags iOS considerably in this area.  (Not that I'm interested in returning... Android leads in so many other ways.)

All iLife now free with the purchase of a new Mac or iOS device.

iWork also iOS-7-ized. For some reason Apple regards making things look like iOS 7 as a positive.

Apple does seem to be pushing towards productivity with iPads.

11:52 Still no live stream.

11:55 I could not find the "Apple Events" icon on my Apple TV... well, Apple is making me update it again!!!!!!!

Apple saying their adding collaboration to iWorks apps on iCloud... will believe it when others get to use it. Apple hasn't been able to get much of anything on iCloud to work smoothly.

Again, all iWork apps now free with the purchase of a new Mac or iOS device.

Now recapping iPhone. Still claming that their launch (which shipped half the number of 5S iPhones as the iPhone 5 shipped) is a record.

AnandTech quoting Tim Cook
"We want our customers to have our latest software and access to the greatest new features"
This is really the only way to keep hardware prices high
Oh, the arrogance!

Apple is showing some very misleading figures about market share. But then, if they told the whole truth, there would not be good news.

12:04 Apple TV still upgrading. Still no live stream.

Calling it iPad Air. A little thinner, a little lighter. Compared it with iPad 4 which was thicker and heavier than the iPad 2. Has the same chip as the iPhone 5S, so you should expect the additional app crashes and other issues (including sensor issues) that the iPhone 5S has. Pricing begins at $499 for only 16gb. No gold model. Available November 1st.

Still selling the iPad 2 at $399... Just think a 1024x768 tablet for $399... they are just nuts, right?

Android thanks you Apple! These are clear losers in the non-fanatic market.

iPad mini up... does have expected retina display that the iPad Air does. Has the same chip as the iPhone 5S, so you should expect the additional app crashes and other issues (including sensor issues) that the iPhone 5S has. Oddly, it is NOT the iPad Air mini, but rather the iPad mini with retina display.

New iPad mini has price increase! $399 for 16gb model.

Android thanks you again Apple!

They are selling the original iPad mini for $299.  Oh, this is just great news for Android!!!

Available "later in November". I would be that not only will that slip to December, but several sources are saying that they'll only be able to deliver a few million of them.

You can buy covers that match the iPhone 5C. Snicker!

Wow... I've never seen an Apple event with so little that was new. Again, Android thanks you Apple!

11:23 Event over, Apple TV just finished upgrade. Apple managed not to get any of the event live streamed. I am amazed they handled this so badly.

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