Thursday, October 17, 2013

Legacy Platform Update (Apple iOS, MacOS X and Microsoft Windows)

I generally intend to do this post once a month or so, but as Windows 8.1 released today, it seemed warranted to do an extra post this month.

Microsoft News

Windows 8.1 released today:
Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 8.1 | ZDNet

While the earlier news about 8.1 said it was buggy, initial looks seem to indicate that Microsoft has fixed most of the problems:
First Look: Windows 8.1 - Haverzine

The general impression about Windows 8.1 seems to be you should upgrade if you are using Windows 8, otherwise you are not likely to like any more than you did Windows 8:

Windows 8.1: A Fresh Coat Of Paint Over Still-Shaky Walls – ReadWrite

Windows 8.1: New features, but same problems | CNET News

The next version of Windows will not be until 2015:
What comes next after Windows 8.1? | ZDNet
By then, I suspect few will care.

Microsoft does seem to finally be admitting that the future of client computing will be more than just Windows:
Microsoft releases Remote Desktop app for Android, iOS | Liliputing

Apple News

There has been some discussion offline about the numbers I put in last time's post using Google News counts. Well, I suggest you use Bing instead then, you'll get the same sort of story. My point with the numbers was not to give an exact count, but rather to point out the scope of iOS 7's problems.

Another thing I want to clear up. Many readers of this blog seem to still believe that Apple had "record" sales of the iPhone 5S. They did not. They simply announced "record" iPhone sales from the launch of the the iPhone 5S AND iPhone 5C of 9 million phones. The record should have been easy to make as they launched not only in the US, but in China and Japan as well. The iPhone 5 launch was on three different dates in those markets. The iPhone 5 sold 9 million phones if you combined the 3 launch weekends. It is believed that Apple only sold about 4 million iPhone 5S's on the launch weekend. Thus, they sold less than half the number that iPhone 5's sold on its combined launch days. Given that many of the iPhone 5C sales were just sales into the channel (i.e were not sold-through to customers), all in all, Apple's "record" launch was far, far worse than the the iPhone 5 launch. You have to watch Apple closely these days; they are getting worse and worse about losing the bad news in carefully contrived misdirection.

Anyway, finally the main stream press is catching on to the fact that iOS 7 has serious, systemic problems:

Apple loses some of its magic touch with iOS 7 | USA Today

Apple iOS 7 update plagued with problems | The Columbus Dispatch

iPhone owners: More and more IOS 7 problems | KSHB (TV News)

People are pissed at the iOS 7 app problems | PandoDaily

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users are particularly hard hit, Apple may loose a significant number of customers from this group:
When iOS 7 Attacks: Help For iPhone 4 And 4S Owners – ReadWrite

I hate iOS 7 on iPhone 4 and 4S, might get Android » Phone Reviews

iOS 7 keyboard lag on iPhone 4, 4S » Phone Reviews

Beyond bugs, the design of iOS is being criticized:
iOS 7 review highlights significant issues with design | BGR

iOS 7: Pretty, and Pretty Flawed?

Interview: Designer David Yun On The Pros And Cons Of Apple's IOS 7 - Forbes

There are now more reasons to believe that the iPhone 5C is doing badly:
Is the iPhone5C a failure? Apple 'halves' production and slashes the price of its handset in China due to 'dismal sales' | Mail Online

Apple hires a CEO of a high fashion firm to run it's retail and online sales:
Apple Hires Burberry C.E.O. -
If the "gold" version of the iPhone 5S wasn't enough, this is yet more proof that Apple has no interest in anything but the high-end market. This was the way they did things in the '90s. And they will end up with the same minuscule piece of the market they did then.

This of course is already happening:
Apple’s iOS 7 Is Now Installed On 250 Million Devices -- AppAdvice
Extrapolating from the article's 70% have upgraded, we know that there are 357 million iOS devices.
Sounds impressive? Not really, Android now has 1 billion devices. And remember iPhones shipped 2.5 years before Android phones did and iPad shipped for over a year before Android tablets did. Android now leads significantly in both phone and tablet sales as well. It's Windows PCs vs Macs all over again, and for the same reasons. Phones and tablets are now commodities. Apple just cannot bring itself to understand this.

A number of analysts are realizing that Apple's future is in doubt:
Analyst: Apple Will Struggle to Find New iPhone Buyers |

Will Apple Inc's iPhone Take Third Place in 2015 Smart Phone Market Share? - International Business Times

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