Friday, October 11, 2013

Legacy Platform Update (Apple iOS, MacOS, and Microsoft Windows)

iOS 7 News

iOS 7 continues to reveal an unprecedented level of bugs. If you get your Apple news only from Apple fan blogs you may not realize just how bad the problem is. Here is one metric (searches done around 1pm MDT on 10/11/2013):

Google News Search StringItems ReturnedDays Released
"ios 7" bug21,50023
"windows 8" bug8,460351
(All of Jelly Bean)
"android 4.3" bug
+"android 4.2" bug
+"android 4.1" bug

In a mere 23 days, the bugs in iOS 7 has generated 5 times the number of news stories that Android Jelly Bean bugs generated in over a year. The use of the word "unprecedented" seems thoroughly justified.

AppleInsider doesn't want to see the big picture about iOS 7, but they are covering pieces:
iPhone 5s has 2% app crash rate; crashes half as likely on iPhone 5 & 5c

iOS 7: Here a Bug, There a Bug, Everywhere a Bug, Bug | iOS | TechNewsWorld

An aesthete’s take on iOS 7: Blinded by the white | ZDNet

Wolverton: Apple's new iOS 7 plagued by problems - San Jose Mercury News

The title says iPhone, but it's mainly because he is displeased with iOS 7.
I bought an iPhone 5s, but I returned it the next day | ZDNet

Would you ever have believed you could see this headline!!!!?
iPhone 5S users report 'Blue Screen Of Death' reboots | The Verge

Glad to see this finally happening. Android fans may not realize it, but Apple's deals with carriers for their more expensive phone means that you end up paying a higher contract price than you would otherwise.
Apple threatened by growth of prepaid smartphone plans - San Jose Mercury News

Target follows Walmart with launch of prepaid mobile service - CNET Mobile

This should put a damper on Apple's lightning connector scam:
MEPs put universal charger pressure on Apple - Consider negotiations | TechEye

This has been obvious since launch weekend, but AppleInsider is now admitting it:
Apple's iPhone 5c orders lower than expected, insider says

I think this story oversimplifies it a bit (the patents in question are of a different nature), but I do feel like it is how the rest of the world views the decision:
Obama risks trade war to defend Apple's patent trolling - Patent troll defence was a lie it was all a trade war | TechEye

MacOS X News

OS X "Mavericks" is likely to be released on October 22nd. Other major Apple announcements are expect then as well.

Windows News

Windows 8.1 will be released on October 18th. The world is unlikely to be impressed. I know, I know, I have a negative attitude about Windows. So, would you believe Windows uber-pundit Paul Thurrott?
Ultimately, Windows 8.1 is exactly what you think it is: A better version of Windows 8. The question, however, is whether the evolutionary changes in this release warrant a reassessment of the platform. Will users embrace Windows 8.1 after ignoring its predecessor in droves? 
Honestly, I don't think so, and while a coming generation of hardware—more about this later—will certainly help, it's not clear whether Microsoft's vision of the mobile computing future has yet aligned with what users expect of Windows. And that's a long term issue that Steve Ballmer's successor will need to address.

The whole story is at: Ballmer Exits, Windows 8.1 Is Finished | Windows 8 content from Windows IT Pro

This next was one of the month's bigger stories. HP's Meg Whitman flat out said that Microsoft was a competitor. I had warned that the Microsoft / Intel / OEM relationship had majorly changed in this story.
HP Admits What We Already Knew: Microsoft Is At War With Its OEM Partners | TechCrunch

The irony in this next story is that this is how Windows took over the workplace. Workers that used Windows at home started demanding it at work instead of their DOS and OS/2 systems.
Delta Pilots fought against deal to replace iPad flight bags with Microsoft Surface

PC market share news... you can guess it without actually reading it:
PC sales continue to slump - More of the same but less | TechEye

Enterprises more accepting of Android, while Windows is losing ground | PCWorld

Microsoft sold out of Surface tablets in the UK... YEP, all 2,000 units • The Register

Report: Some top Microsoft investors want Bill Gates off the board | Seattle Times

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