Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Apple Censors iOS 7 Users Talking about Warranty Rights

The lead story in this Apple news update is that Apple is censoring its support blogs to keep users from finding out about their warranty rights.

Apple censors Lawrence Lessig over warranty information; iOS 7 mess grows

Make sure you read Lessig's post as well:
Wow, or from the When-Apple-Became-the-Borg Department

Here's another story about an Apple iOS user taking legal action:
Apple taken to court over unwanted iOS 7 install download | Apple - CNET News
I originally though this might be a nuisance suit, but iOS automatically downloads iOS 7 and wastes a whole gig of storage on a user that wants to stay with iOS 6 on their phone. (He's only asking for $50 in small claims court, that seems fair to me.)

It's hard to imagine a worse person they could have picked to censor!

Note that the post was over a new problem caused by iOS 7.0.3.

iOS 7.0.3 isn't all bad [assuming you don't need wifi :-)]:
Apple Releases iOS 7.0.3, Kills Nauseating Animations – ReadWrite

Apple was able to fix the iPhone 5Ss faulty sensor with a software patch:
Apple iPhone 5S sensor bug fixed with iOS 7.0.3 | Expert Reviews
However, there's a new issue:
Robotic testing finds touchscreen inaccuracies at edge of iPhone display | AppleInsider

iOS 7's Lengthy List of Faults is Finally Getting Appropriate Mainstream Press Coverage

An aesthete’s take on iOS 7: Ive’s Webified interface jumble | ZDNet

Apple Strikes Out with Troubled iOS7 | Sci-Tech Today

Consumers sound off on iOS 7 issues | USA Today

Review: Apple's New iOS Software Plagued by Problems | CIO Today

iOS 7 is a perfect example of why automatic updates shouldn't always happen | PhoneDog

Apple iOS 7: 85 Percent Of People Haven't Used Siri, 46 Percent Think Apple Oversold Its Release

Disable Blur Effects in iOS 7 for Easier Reading, Better Performance

Another daylight saving time bug strikes Apple's iOS 7, affects calendar display

Apparently it is possible to downgrade iPhone 4s, but not iPhone 4Ss using some backdoor (i.e. not Apple-sanctioned) technique:
How to Uninstall iOS 7 and Downgrade Your iPhone 4 to iOS 6 | Digital Trends

AppleInsider still isn't seeing the big picture:
USA Today prints contemptuous trashing of Apple's latest iOS 7 release | AppleInsider

Apple had a Product Launch

It was boring.
Innovation Isn't Dead At Apple—But Excitement Is – ReadWrite

Apple stays in its lane, announces no 'new product categories' | ZDNet

Woz is not buying the new iPad - Woz not Woz | TechEye

Why I don’t care about today’s Apple announcement | Washington Post

It is good to see the press finally catching on to the fact that Apple is overpriced:
iPad Mini Price Analysis: Why are Apple’s iPads so expensive? | BGR

Both the previous article and this next one point out that Apple has already lost the tablet marketshare race:
Google Android takes tablet lead from Apple iPad - CBS News

I'm not the only one laughing about Apple's ridiculous $399 pricing of the iPad-mini-with-retina-display (really Apple, that's the best you could do for the product name?):
Why Apple Inc’s iPad Mini price hike is a strange, high-risk move | Financial Post

Apple released the next version of MacOS X "Maveriks", according to this article, its top feature is iBooks, which should tell you just how little is happening there:
Top 10 New Features in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks | PCMag.com
One good thing, they finally fixed the VNC bug that kept people from logging in from non-Apple systems. (The bug was in both Lion and Mountain Lion.)

Finally, Apple did something right, they made iWorks free! No, wait! They screwed this up too:
Apple faces backlash over missing, changed functions in iWork revamp | AppleInsider

Free iWork upgrade angers Mac users - Computerworld

Apple's iWork upgrade screwup has Microsoft laughing all the way to the bank | Computerworld Blogs

Apple's free software gives you what you pay for - iWork and iLife fails to deliver either | TechEye

Apple Released Earnings

Generally they met expectations, but then expectations were bad.
Overall Apple's profit dropped by 9%.
Apple reports earnings of $7.5B on sales of 33.8M iPhones, 14.1M iPads & 4.6M Macs | AppleInsider

Many are underwhelmed:
Apple Inc. (AAPL): Apple Is In Deep Trouble: A Reformed Bull Speaks Out - Seeking Alpha

Apple Inc. (AAPL): Apple: Unfortunately It Was A Disappointing Earnings Report - Seeking Alpha

Apple Earnings: iPhone Sales Leap Forward, But Company Stuck Standing Still - Forbes

Apple Inc. (AAPL): Apple - Time To Take Profits As It Cedes Computing Market To Google - Seeking Alpha

Apple Inc. (AAPL): Apple Is Slowly Rotting: Rosy Financials Mask Competitive Disadvantage And Souring Future - Seeking Alpha

More importantly Apple's long term prospects are bad. Apple is forecasting 0.9% to 6.4% growth for the holiday quarter:
Apple Inc forecasting slowest holiday sales in 5 years amid Samsung gains | Financial Post

Apple hints it may not have enough Retina iPad minis to meet holiday demand | AppleInsider
Note that last article is by AppleInsider. Less "optimistic" sources would listen to Tim Cook's comment and say: "Apple likely to not to have enough iPad minis to meet holiday demand".

A side note coming out of the earnings call:
While I find it hard to believe that school districts would waste their precious resources on hideously expensive Apple iPads:
Los Angeles school district's iPad program running grossly over budget
They clearly do:
Apple's education sales breached $1B for first time ever in Q3, iPad share at 94%

Again, this reminds me of the '90s. School districts then continued to waste money on Macs, long after it was clear they were very overpriced.

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