Sunday, October 6, 2013

Android Device News

As I said last time, this post is done on a monthly basis and contains those devices that I find unusual or important. It is FAR from exhaustive. Small developer oriented boards are moving to ARM and Intel News as the SoCs generally need to be delivered on a board... in other words, they are now a "chip".

Google Glass and Competitors

My gut tells me that glasses as an always worn consumer platform is likely to fail - at best it is likely to be a fad. (Note, I only mean this statement for the next couple of years... with significant changes in battery life, weight, resolution, etc. it could change, though I still have doubts.) On the other hand, glasses as a specialized device for a specific use is already common. As the price for the technology falls, surely one will see it show up in gaming.

This company has shipped 50,000 devices (aimed at sports), uses Android:
Uh-oh Google Glassholes: Sugar daddy Intel strokes HUD goggles upstart • The Register

Ion Glasses Are a Stylish Alternative to Google Glass [VIDEO]

The Glass Development Kit Launch Will Finally Allow Glass To Live Up To Its Potential

Google announces U.S. Glass tour, starting with Durham on October 5th

Smart Watches

Nissan enters wearable tech market with Nismo Concept smartwatch- The Inquirer

Really, the only watch announced so far that I actually am intested in seeing:
Qualcomm Toq battery lasts for days, works well in bright light

I have real concerns about a smart phone tied to one place right against your body. Cell phone radiation is a known problem if you have prolonged exposure close up to one area:
A.I smartwatch is also a standalone Android smartphone (video)

Tablets and Phones

This next article is a good overview of "cheap" tablets now available. I include it because its the first review I've seen that includes a "white box" tablet in the set of tablets covered (the Hisense Sero 7 Pro). In many ways it is competitive with the iPad mini (which is now hopelessly behind most branded, Android 7 and 8 inch tablets).
Best Cheap Android Tablets (September 2013)

This tablet will be sold rebranded by NVIDIA partners:
NVIDIA unveils the Tegra Note (reference platform for Tegra 4 tablets) - Liliputing

HP really getting into Android:
HP Slates 7-HD, 7-Extreme, 8-Pro and 10-HD Cover Full Android Spectrum | Ubergizmo

This is a serious, decent smartphone for $189. Should be perfect for Junior High kids, so your world won't end when they squish it!
Kogan introduces $189 Agora quad-core smartphone - Liliputing

Amazon's not my favorite place for things Android, but for some users it seems to be a good place:
Review: The Kindle Fire HDX Is the Amazon-centric Tablet Finally Done Right |

Looks like Android's going to have the 2013 holiday season to itself (well, technically Windows is there too... but will anyone notice?):
Reuters: Retina iPad mini may not launch in 2013 due to supply constraints


Not Android, but I think the start of new competition for Android tablets. Not thrilled about pricing, but interesting none the less:
Hands-on: HP Spectre 13 x2 - first fanless detachable Haswell notebook

GameStick $79 Android game console hits the FCC, launching in October - Liliputing

Yet another use of Android in an unusual way:
RCA Internet Music System is a stereo powered by an Android tablet - Liliputing

Look back at older posts, I've been saying that custom hardware was just around the corner:
Now even supermarket chains are making cheap Android tablets | Ars Technica

Why, or why Samsung, did you make this only work with Samsung phones?
Samsung launches $299 HomeSync Android-powered media center - Liliputing

See, see, see... yet another way to get your own custom hardware:
Oracle introduces a DIY tablet, the DukePad - Android Authority

Spike Kickstarter Project Puts Accurate Laser Measurement Hardware Right On Your Smartphone | TechCrunch

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