Monday, September 16, 2013

Suddenly, Everyone's Looking to Leave Microsoft Office.

Several days ago, I ran across this article:

Last week, Apple announced that iWork would be free.

Yesterday, I laid out a case why one needs to be preparing to leave both Microsoft and Apple in:

The first step I encourage is to stop using Microsoft Office (or Apple's iWork), pointing to this resource on my blog (published back in February):

Well, imagine my amusement when I was going through the news today and saw these:

The Best Way to Work Without Microsoft Office -

Free Microsoft Office Software: Get the Essentials Without Paying for 365

Box Notes Takes Its Shot Against Office – ReadWrite (There were others about this.)

Wow, the Wall Street Journal telling you how to stop using Microsoft Office!

Normally one only see's a single article about leaving Office every couple of weeks or so.
(And usually then, it hedges.)
These articles are flat out saying leave.

Microsoft is in serious trouble.

I am not the only one saying you shouldn't be switching to Apple's iWork either:

iWork Alternatives: 3 Office Apps That Beat Out Apple | Digital Trends

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