Sunday, September 8, 2013

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

How the NFL is using Microsoft’s Surface to keep players safer | Digital Trends
Picture the scene, a player is down on the field, queue the spinning and dancing trainers with a Microsoft Surface tablet. I am one of the trainers, I "click" out the kickstand... where can I set this, I think? Oh... I guess I'll just have to hold it, "clicking" the stand back in. Wow, this is heavy and awkward. The lead trainer says, "This guy's in serious shape, quick look up his record".  I turn on the device... strain to remember my "" (or whatever they're calling it this week) account, log in and say, "Does anybody remember the name of the medical records app?" I scroll left to right through 5 screens and can't find it. A coworker shouts, use search, just try medical. I respond: "How do I search?" (I'm never using this thing -- always use Android) I try swiping from the top... no, that didn't work. How about from the bottom? Oh, wait I've spotted the app, it was on the first screen, but it got lost among all the other changing tiles. Launch app... oh I need to search for the correct player... how do I do that.  Try swiping from the left! No... damn, I just switched to the desktop somehow... how do I get back? Lead trainer: "We're going to lose this guy... HURRY!!!" Oh, somehow I got back to Start. Try swiping from the right... great, I see "Search" (enters the players name). Oh, no... it just did a web search... "There's a brief synopsis of the guy's medical problems on Wikipedia, will that do?", I ask the Lead Trainer? Lead trainer: "Never mind, he's dead".

I live in Colorado... it's ironic that I only heard of this from a British tech news source:
Colorado citizens queue for a licence to hunt drones - Licence applications just shy of 1,000 | TechEye

This one's only strange because, it probably can't work very well yet.
Alcatel One Touch introduces pico projector smartphone dock - Liliputing

Can Katy Perry Sell Microsoft's Nokia Lumia Smartphone? - Forbes

Apple iPhone 5S subject of anticipation and jokes - AAPL -

These last two are certainly strange... but humorous, or just pathetic?
Apple's 'Stanford 2' retail site opens to crowds and lines

iPhone 5S 5C Launch Lines begin forming at Apple Store | BGR

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