Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Non-Android Linux and Open Source News

Don't get too excited about this next, it was only a 50,000 run.
Jolla smartphones sell out »

In less than 5 years, I'm projecting that a micro-business that has a need for a specialized computing device (as an example, look at UPS's wireless delivery pad they developed several years ago), will be able to have that device created for them (in tiny volumes) for a cost similar to what it takes to have semi-custom software delivered today. In 10 years it will even be cheap.
For $50, you can build a custom Android or Linux mini-computer

The title sounds silly, but I think this guy has a good handle on a major problem with Linux:
What Linux really needs is more fun - TechRepublic

The first 10 paragraphs of this next article (which goes on to be about Linux distributions) are quite amusing... be sure to watch the video, it one last tribute to Steve Ballmer.
Steve Ballmer retires: A dark day for Linux! | ITworld

ZTE's $80 Firefox OS mobe sells out on eBay • The Register

Linus Torvalds celebrates 22 years of Linux with nostalgic message | PCWorld

Gee this makes me feel old... no wait, that's just me being old:
Graying Linux developers look for new blood | ZDNet

I see these best of things all the time... but this one is different. First of all it contained several things I'd never heard of before. And... drum roll... it contained four commercial apps.... imagine that commercial apps for Linux. [Three games <= $20 and a $50 finances app.]
25 Best Linux Apps

KDE Connect brings together your Android phone, Linux desktop - Liliputing

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