Friday, September 20, 2013

iOS 7/iPhone 5S&C - Screams of Anguish

If you only watch the Apple news from Apple blogs or from the mainstream trade press (that are dependent on Apple advertising revenue), you may not have seen much yet, but it's coming... an wow is it. The selection of links below is from me scanning about 4 hours worth of news today. I avoided duplicates as much as I could. If a story had numerous listings I tried to limit its presence below to 2 articles. The last 2 days has seen hundreds of stories like these. By Monday or Tuesday it will likely be thousands.

Some particular problems you should be aware of:

  • Apple apparently has made it so that many of those third party lightning connector cables will not work with the new iPhones.
  • iOS 7 has a serious lock screen bug (Apple is working on a fix).
  • A large percentage of iOS 7 users are reporting battery issues.

There are many more, I strongly recommend waiting to upgrade.

I think it is fair to say that this is Apple's poorest iPhone "upgrade" ever.

If you are not convinced by all the stories below that iOS 7 is a catastrophe, try looking at Twiiter:
Twitter / Search - @ios7
WARNING: you will see some very graphic language used!

First I include one article from yesterday evening:
I think the title pretty much sums up what around half the iOS 7 users experience.

Remember that the links below represent less than a third of the negative English-language press generated about the iOS 7 and iPhone 5C/S in a 4 hour period sampled about 1/2 hour before writing this post...

iOS 7 Bug Allows Thieves to Bypass Your Lock Screen to Access Photos

London Apple cultists dismiss the iPhone 5C - Regents Street queue not interested, survey says | TechEye

Apple holds back iPhone 5S from suppliers - Suppliers grumble at Apple crumble | TechEye

Amid Shortages, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Reach Stores Today – ReadWrite

Wall Street watching early iPhone sales nervously

Why Apple Investors Should Worry - Forbes

Disable Annoying Features On iOS 7

20 public responses to iOS 7; poor battery, childish design and more | Mobile content industry news | Mobile Entertainment

Look At All The Bugs And Glitches Tumblr Users Have Found In iOS 7, Apple's New iPhone Software (AAPL) - Connecticut Post

iOS 7: Readers have their say on the update of the operating system - Telegraph

DailyTech - IOS 7 Lockscreen Bug Allows Anyone to Sidestep Passcode, Access Photos/Email

Apple iOS7's Biggest Design Problem: A Critique by Richard Turley - Businessweek

Little Boy Feels Your Pain, Has Meltdown Over iOS 7 [VIDEO]

Welp. That's that. Miley Cyrus hates iOS 7. | VatorNews

Apple Tries to Prevent Fallout After iOS 7 | InvestorPlace

iOS 7 Causes 4-Year-Old Boy To Cry Uncontrollably | Ubergizmo

Users complain about iOS7 upgrade | IT World Canada Syndicated

iOS7: What iPhone users don't like about it - Your Community

Apple iOS 7 flaws, oddities and mistakes | ZDNet

iOS 7: 5 worst features | The Full Signal

iOS 7 launch hit by performance and security issues | The latest news from the Computer and IT Industry | PC Retail

Tekrieg | iOS 7 Update Annihilates iPhone 5 Battery Life!

Apple Blocks Third-party Lightning Cables with iOS 7 | Geeky Gadgets

Apple IOS7: iOS 7 blocking Fake/Not Original Charging cables (and how to get around it) |


  1. Thanks for doing this. I thought I was the only one screaming in frustration.

  2. I just turned on my old HTC Rezound and that has a 4.7 inch screen. After messing around with that for a few minutes I couldn't figure out how I ever delt with a sceen so small after using the 5 inch screen on my Nexus 5. With just web pages alone it's nice to be able to see more of the page without having to scroll around. Trust me once Apple releases a bigger phone you will wonder how you ever delt with it too. Don't knock it till you try it. Good day~ Pamela W.


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