Sunday, September 15, 2013

ARM and Intel News

Intel stock is simultaneously getting numerous buy and sell ratings. It's not as crazy as it sounds. Intel's new chips and pricing will mean lesser profit margins. However, they are doing the right thing in facing the inevitable. Thus, their long term outlook is positive. This is in stark contrast with Microsoft and Apple which are both refusing to do those things essential to having a future in this new world of inexpensive, consumerized computing. If you are following at all the enterprise trade press, you will see that even IT and servers are facing consumerization.
Jefferies Group Upgrades Intel Corp. to “Buy” (INTC) - Ticker Report

I keep seeing a lot of trade press saying the Tegra 4 isn't doing well. However, I've seen far more announcements of devices using the Tegra 4 than the Snapdragon 800. It's probably true that the Tegra 4 isn't appearing in many phones (which sell in much larger volumes than tablets). But I see plenty of Tegra 4 tablets, hybrids and all-in-ones.
Nvidia shows off uses of a Tegra 4 SoC - Aiming beyond the Shield | TechEye

This isn't exactly a chip... but then with the new SoC approach for Intel, this sort of approach is the way things will be. I include this, because it shows just how serious Intel is about reforming past behavior. Their first NUC was priced so poorly (and required crazy expensive SSD cards) that it was literally cheaper to buy a Mac-mini. With this, you can make a nice Linux Desktop/mini-Server for $200.
$139 Intel NUC with Bay Trail chip on the way - Liliputing

Now this is exactly the sort of news a consumer wants to see:
Intel Baytrail vs. NVIDIA Tegra 4: too close to call - Android Authority

Intel Developer Forum overview:
Intel shows off fanless PCs, new phones, $100 tablets and wearables at IDF | ZDNet

While Intel is not so far behind this time, ARM actually has shipping products in wearables:
Chip makers seize opportunities in hot wearable-computer market | PCWorld

More IDF news:
AnandTech | Intel Demos 14nm Broadwell: Up to 30% Lower Power than Haswell

This is about the new ARM Cortex A57/A53 processors.
64-bit processors and 4GB of memory coming in 2014 - Android Authority

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