Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ARM and Intel News

Well, I'm sure we're all anxiously awaiting the Bay Trail launch on September 11th.

Here's some news to tide you over:

More on ARM moving into the next big thing (while Intel is still playing catch-up in the maturing mobile market).
ARM low power processors take us closer to the Internet of Things

I don't follow the server market closely, but when "Avoton" was announced, it seemed rather ho-hum. Anybody got a good link giving an overview of what the near-future state of the low-power server market is?
Intel to ship new Atom server processors next week

This next article hits Intel hard on its LTE failings. Also points out that Intel is failing to make Android inroads. I have to agree on the Android point... I'm not seeing anybody doing anything with Bay Trail... perhaps the announcement on the 11th will bring news. I'm seeing bragging from Intel about how Bay Trail changes things, but zip on a actual substance. I even saw one rumor today saying Bay Trail would roll out in late 2013 and early 2014 (which would be too late; in fact that would bring it into competition with ARMv8 chips where pretty clearly it would just lose). It's looking like Clover Trail all over again... nice chip, 6-12 months too late. (Motorola used to do this relative to Intel... oh, the irony!)
Intel’s post PC strategy is faltering

Microsoft seems to think it has a "PR" problem or an "OEM" problem, not a "Windows 8 is faulty" problem. Does Intel suffer from this sort of delusion as well? From the outside, it is clear that Intel's problem is that it isn't delivering anything the mobile market wants. Apparently Intel believes it has a "PR" problem.
Intel to fire entire PR team - It’s the cascade effect

A list of the new mainstream processors, with pricing. It's fine, but at a time, when it really needs to be great.
Intel launches Haswell desktop processors

This next article is a bit hard to read, but it makes some interesting points about Bay Trail vs Haswell. It also tells some things about chip pricing I didn't understand before. If someone knows of a clearer source for this information, I'd love to see a link in the comments below!
The important point from the article is that the nature of Haswell chips' design forces the chip to be expensive. This forces "$330 Celeron" laptops to use old technology. Bay Trail side-steps this problem. His argument is that Bay Trail should work great as the chip for low-priced laptops (the ones that actually sell well).
Intel Corporation (INTC): Intel: Where's Haswell? - Seeking Alpha

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