Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple's iOS 7, iPhone 5X - the Tragicomedy Begins

A few hours ago Apple started releasing iOS 7 to its customers. Already the vast majority of the news media is suggesting that one might wait a month or so before upgrading. I've only seen one article suggesting you jump in now... that was on Lifehacker (I think the author was trying to start an online party for early adopters).

For a company that prides itself on making things that "just work"... they've clearly done a poor job.
Here's a selection of the articles that have just come out, it is no where near exhaustive (imagine how big the list will be in a day or two):

Audiobus Warns Musicians Against Upgrading to iOS 7 (Updated) |

iOS 7 Release: The Home Screen Still Looks Ugly As Ever

This next one is amazing... it's a guide to disabling many of the new "features" of iOS 7. It reminds me of my How to Live with Windows 8 post.
iOS 7's Biggest Annoyances (and How to Fix Them)

Watch out, iPhone owners: iOS 7 may sneak up on you - NBC

Apps Crashing? You May Want to Wait on iOS 7 Upgrade

Apple iOS 7 Crashes "90%" Of Apps On Your iPhone, Says UTest | Bustle

Why upgrading to iOS 7 could be a productivity killer | ITworld

6 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 7 Right Away and 5 You Shouldn’t |

10 iOS 7 Features That You'll Hate

How to Find Everything That's Moved in iOS 7

Apple Inc. iOS7: Top 5 Reasons NOT to Update Your iPhone, iPad - International Business Times

Five things missing from the iPhone 5s you can get in Android smartphones | ZDNet

iOS 7 to iOS 6?: No Way to Switch Back to iOS 6

iOS 7: Hear the reasons why you should, shouldn't upgrade? | Detroit Free Press |

iOS 7 Is Lethal To iPhone 4S But Not iPhone 5 Battery Life | Autoomobile

iOS 7 'could cause iPhone apps to crash' - Telegraph

Apple's iPhone iOS 7 has new features, likely drama |

iOS 7 upgraders reporting installation, iTunes issues | Apple - CNET News

It's technically Friday before the iPhone 5C/5X actually launches. However, there are already reviews and news of problems.

BEWARE: Apple hand-selected a small set of reviewers... the people doing the reviews know that if they want to get picked next time, they have to play nice.

Review Roundup: The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C -

Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c: Review Roundup - The Washington Post

The iPhone 5C Number Apple Doesn't Want You To Know

iPhone 5S - 5 problems and pitfalls - Opinion - Trusted Reviews

iPhone 5s launch hampered by ‘grotesque stock shortages’ say networks -

For Apple, mum's the word on iPhone 5C pre-orders

Apple iPhone 5C orders 'not overwhelming': carrier source | Reuters

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