Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Apple Announces Metallic-Beige iPhone 5S; iWorks now free

No live stream.... am relying on live blogging from Apple Insider and Engadget.

They have built a new temple in Stanford, the old one was overcrowded.

Rehasing iOS7

New ringtones! (snicker)

iOS 7 will be free, starting September 18th.

Rehashing iWork

iWork + iPhoto + iMove are now free.

iPhone 5C green, yellow, blue, white, red, 4" retina display, A6 processor, LTE, no Wifi ac.
With 2 year contract 16gb $99, 32gb $199.

iPhone 5S "black", "gold" and "silver" think metallic dark gray, metallic beige, and metallic light grey.

Has A7 processor, which is 64-bit (hope they put in lots of RAM, that's the drawback of 64-bit). Will apps all be running in 32-bit mode though or will we have "FAT" binaries like on MacOS? Not sure from the live blogs I was following, but it looks like there is 32-bit compatibility and I'm guessing FAT binary support.
They are claiming "up to" 2x performance increase... I'll wait for benchmarks.
I hope it's true, that will make the next round of ARM chips well into laptop speeds.
(Not at all sure why you need this in a phone though. Should be good in the iPad.)

The have added a "motion" coprocessor. Will enable better fitness apps.
Claiming 10 hour in-use battery life. (Again, I'll wait for reviews before I believe that.)
It's clear they have improved the camera... Lots of fancy names and "features", but it's not clear how much is hype. At least some of it has been on non-iPhones for a while. It does not appear to reach Lumia 1020 levels of capability, but it may be close. Will have to wait for reviews using actual photographs.

Does have finger print sensor. The technology came from AuthenTec, which made finger print sensors for lots of laptops... it was rather poor in practice. One assumes Apple has improved it. However, things like hand cream, sunscreen, dirty hands, gloves, etc. will render this far from a panacea. [Can't you just hear the East Coast-based press screaming about this, come Winter?]
The Moto X approach is probably better.
Meet Motorola Skip, the Moto X NFC-based unlock accessory

Pricing 16gb on contract $199, 32 gb $299, 64gb $399.
iPhone 4S stays in lineup, free with 2 year contract.

In stores, September 20th.

I'm sure the camera will be good, certainly much better than before.
It is still a tiny phone and iOS 7 still lags Android (with yet another Android update coming next month).

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  1. and not even clear if a7 is 20nm already


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