Friday, August 30, 2013

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

I stumbled across some "hate" blogs this week:

Linux Hater's Blog


Windows hater's blog


Like everything else in the computing world, there's better hate support for Windows. :-)

Would you like your own tricorder? (works with iOS and Android)
Scanadu | Sending your Smart Phone to Med School

I always love it when Karma bites Apple for being so litigious.
(This first link is from a French site.)
Watchdog warns Apple over Ć¢€˜ChampagneĆ¢€™ iPhone - The Local
(The second link is from an American site.)
French wine snobs warn Apple not to release a ‘champagne’ iPhone
Perhaps they can name the color 'Maveriks'... no wait, they've already used that. :-)
I know... beige!!!!!
Yes, the new iPhone color is beige.

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