Friday, August 16, 2013

Strange, Possibly Humorous News

A lot of fun stuff this time.

The title summarizes, but you really need to click and look at the picture.
Hyetis Crossbow is a $1200 Swiss smartwatch with a 41MP camera - Liliputing

If you can remember the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati, there was an episode where they dropped live turkeys from a helicopter as a Thanksgiving publicity stunt, not realizing that turkey's don't fly. This reminds me of that fictional event... alas, this one is true.
World War G: 20 injured after LG publicity stunt goes awry in Korea

People are actively making Apple Newton apps. Really, it's sort of like SteamPunk, but limited to electronics... Don't worry if you don't have yours any more, there are simulators.
Apple's Newton Just Won't Drop
Nostalgia project connects Apple Newton devices to OS X | ZDNet

And of course don't forget the famous Doonesbury cartoon that played a significant role in the downfall of the Newton.
Doonesbury comic strip on Newton - CHM Revolution

I'm not sure how to summarize this... it involves a Google Earth mapping car and a dam project and swearing on a Buddha statue... probably not a typical day, even for a Google employee.
Thai Villagers Apologize for Blocking Google Car - ABC News

HTC being strange about their name. [The article title below is playing off HTC's ad theme of "What does HTC stand for?"]
HTC: Hell That’s Confusing | TechCrunch

I can only wonder how many they sold of this next device. Oh, and for Apple fans, does he have a white model? It does seem to me to be the ultimate iPhone accessory. [It's universal, will work with iPhones with the original connector and the lightning connector.]
Artist pranks LA Best Buy stores with 'useless' gadget | Crave - CNET

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