Monday, August 5, 2013

Strange, Possibly Humorous News (Special Edition)

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Rush Limbaugh's House, Palm Beach, Florida

Today a great conspiracy was uncovered, the culprits -- SAMSUNG, GOOGLE, ANDROID BLOGGERS and the MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

Apparently we have been (quote from The Guardian article below):
"Pro-Apple bloggers are looking at the way the pro-Samsung, Google, and Android bloggers write, and they're now starting to write about the media bias … they're chronicling how these pro-Samsung and Google, Android guys are faking data, faking news to make it look bad for Apple when it really isn't."
Rush Limbaugh claims high-tech bloggers 'hate' Apple

Is there a conspiracy against Apple? Rush Limbaugh thinks there is

When pushed, Rush, wouldn't name what blogs were doing this.

Really, it's just hilarious. You don't have to make up news or data to show that Apple is doing badly.

Even AppleInsider has finally accepted that Apple is now well behind Android in tablet sales:
Apple's iPad lineup slipped to 32% of tablets shipped in Q2 2013
Apple lost the phone race many months ago. Sadly, they are not making large gains (even have losses) on the desktop, despite Microsoft imploding.

I'll admit I am unhappy with Apple, but I am still partially an Apple user (I have three actively used Macs). My family uses iPads and iPhones, though due to Apple's stagnation, their days may well be numbered. Our main desktop system (hardly used these days) is an iMac. We have moved away from Apple because they are demanding higher margins, yet delivering less for their premium pricing

I am biased in the sense that I tend to expect bad news from Apple... the problem isn't with me though, it is that Apple keeps delivering the bad news. Even Microsoft manages to have good news occasionally... it's been a very long time since I've seen good news from Apple.

Well, Rush (and any Pro-Apple blogger that is crazy enough to go along with him), here's the last few article's I've written about Apple. They were all negative. Show me where I'm wrong. When Apple has to stoop to misdirection in its earnings call... how could it be otherwise?

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In short, let the crazy persons' debate begin!!! :-)

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