Sunday, August 4, 2013

Something's Wrong with Apple

Despite $145 billion in cash, Apple is behaving like a company that is in trouble. While there are clear signs that Apple needs to make fundamental changes to accommodate the commoditization of computing devices, I find this behavior puzzling. Could Apple sales be nose-diving beyond what they've admitted publicly? And why have they gone 10 months without a head of retail?

FileMaker discontinuing Bento, will remain available to buy through Sept. 30

Rumor: Apple subsidiary FileMaker lays off 20 employees amid restructuring

It May Be the End of the Apple Store as We Know It - Rebecca Greenfield - The Atlantic Wire

Apple Stores Glow Less Brightly -

Apple’s Dumb Penny-Pinching - The Daily Beast

Previously they were discounting MacBook Retinas by $200...
Best Buy giving away free Apple TV with 15" Retina MacBook Pro purchase

Other Apple News

iPhone 5 lightning strikes twice: I want my iPhone 4 back, please

Oddly, Apple Insider acts like this next things is a good thing... what it means is that Apple has made iOS 7 changes so radical that most developers have to give up supporting customers on earlier versions.
Survey: 95% of developers working to support iOS 7, over half will require it

This is in conjunction with Apple's recent conviction for conspiring to raise ebook prices.
Justice Department proposes sweeping punishments against Apple

Obama trade representative reverses ban on imports of some Apple iPads, older iPhones

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