Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Microsoft News

So, the death spiral seems to be continuing... Microsoft feels the need to resume Financial Analyst Meetings,
and lots of articles about Microsoft failing and dissing Surface.

Microsoft seems really intent on destroying Xbox. It's true they've never managed to make money with it... but you'd think they would just sell it off. It's already expensive, and now:
Microsoft will charge $60 a year for many Xbox One features | The Verge

Good News

This is a cute gimmick to get people to visit a Microsoft Store...
MakerBot takes 3D printing nationwide via Microsoft | Crave - CNET

Well, it's a try, but it is likely only to get more low-end junk apps.
Microsoft Tries To Spur Windows Phone Development With New App Studio – ReadWrite

Bad News

Former Microsoft Evangelist Blasts Company For Losing Its 'Cool' Factor

What to watch for at Microsoft's September 19 analyst meeting | ZDNet

Microsoft’s Surface tablets should have been ‘Nexus’ devices | ExtremeTech

This is an interesting article. Office complexity in general is more than just a drain on productivity.
Microsoft's Excel Might Be The Most Dangerous Software On The Planet - Forbes

Rogue hotspots can steal your Windows Phone's saved Wi-Fi passwords, Microsoft warns | PCWorld

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