Sunday, August 4, 2013

Microsoft News

So does this week's news show Microsoft's death spiral continuing? Well, Yes. Their failure to fully embrace other platforms with Office, having a $100 a year charge to use Office, price reductions on Surface Pro, and a very embarrassing loss of the SkyDrive brand name show a company that is continuing to diminish.

How Microsoft blundered with the SkyDrive brand - Computerworld

Microsoft Office for Android is pathetically bad, too | Mobile Technology - InfoWorld

Microsoft Office comes to Android, but not tablets - Westport News

Microsoft Office for Android officially available, but don’t get too excited just yet

Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100 following Surface RT reductions | The Verge

This fellow is concerned that Microsoft's poor performance will hurt the experimentation and availability of hybrids. I pointed out in comments that he need not worry, there will be plenty of hybrids, they just won't be running Windows.
What Worries Me Most About Microsoft’s Surface Woes |

Here's something good for Windows Phone 8 users:
This is a free ebook. It is a real book (600+ pages). It is free. Note, don't interpret the free part negatively here, Paul is experimenting with the ability to have a publication that is continually updated. Windows Phone 8 is a good subject for this as it has a small user base (i.e. he would not have made all that much if he sold it). It's also subject he loves.
Paul Thurrott’s Windows Phone 8 is Complete

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