Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chrome News

If you didn't already know not let your browser (not just Chrome) store you passwords, then please learn that now. The first two articles are about how easy it is to get a view of all stored passwords in Chrome. I am ambivalent about Google's response here. They are correct from the standpoint of a security expert. However, in real life, people might do something bad (like peek at your passwords) if it is easy, but will think twice if you make it a bit harder. This is not a security issue in the strictest sense of the word. Yes, Google is right, you are always dependent on platform security (your user account and password) if your browser stores passwords (true for all browsers). But other browsers don't make it so easy for someone walking up to your computer to view all your passwords. To people who are not security experts, that seems a big difference and from a human interactions perspective they are probably right. (Insert you favorite security expert not understanding human interactions joke here.)
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