Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arm and Intel News

The big question this week is: Will Intel let us down? (Again)

The latest ARM vs Intel Benchmarks show the lower-end Bay Trail chip somewhat slower than last year's ARM speed champion the Exynos 5250. We have seen no signs of faster Bay Trail chips. We have seen no real announcements of tablets or systems with Bay Trail. In fact, Intel's latest reference tablets had Medfield chips in them (yuck!). You may have seen that Bay Trail was breaking records on the Antutu benchmark... well, that was because of some funny business in the Intel compiler. Those benchmarks were simply way off from reality. Corrected benchmarks show the Bay Trail to be much slower. It appears that Intel will launch Bay Trail chips on September 11th. In times past, it would be well over a month before systems shipped using the newly announced chips. Intel is still not announcing TDP numbers. If they were actually winning in speed and/or power over ARM, surely we would have heard numbers by now.

My gut tells me that only the lower-end of Bay Trail will actually be shipping in quantity for the Holiday Season. Unless Intel lets them go at really cheap pricing, I have doubts we will be seeing many Android or ChromeOS systems using it. Sadly for Windows 8, I fear the lower-end Bay Trail chips just won't do the job. The problem is that Intel chips will need to run the full Windows 8 and the full Office and that may just be asking too much... think early Netbooks all over again.

Intel News

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ARM News

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