Thursday, August 8, 2013

Android News

Android one-click Google authentication method puts users, businesses at risk | PCWorld

I very nearly put this next article in my Strange, Possibly Humorous News:
Insanely high 2098PPI OLED display from Sony makes your 1080p smartphone weep at night - Android Authority

The proprietary code issues are Qualcomm related.
Android open source maintainer quits over proprietary code issues - Liliputing

This next article talks about tablets replacing much of smartphone usage. I find this is true for me as well. It doesn't mean my phone isn't necessary, but I am starting to question if I always need the latest and greatest.
Why I'm using my smartphone less and less every day | ZDNet

Acer the latest to turn to Google after poor Windows sales | CITEworld

Android And Chrome OS Could Reap Big Windfalls From Slowing Worldwide PC Economy | TechCrunch

Took them long enough, but it's here and it works!
Android Device Manager Goes Live, Finds and Rings Your Device Remotely

Android Device News

Lexibook Laptab is an Android tablet, notebook, kids computer - Liliputing

Moto X to release on August 23 on all four carriers. Moto Maker exclusive to AT&T until early November – sources

A tablet the rough equivalent of last year's Nexus 7 (then $199) about 1 year later costs $129.
Hisense Sero 7 Pro drops down to low price of $129, LT model just $79

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