Friday, August 2, 2013

Android News

Actually this happened some time ago, but this is the first time AppleInsider is willing to admit it. If white box tablets were being counted, it might have been true in 4Q2012.
Android tablets outshipped Apple's iPad for first time in Q2 2013, study claims

More on the Samsung benchmarking scandal. Samsung is still probably guilty of poor judgement, but they are not as evil as it seems. What seems probable is that the GPU running at highest clock is a battery issue. So Samsung prevents apps from using the highest clock rate by default. They make exceptions for some apps. Obviously they would do so for benchmarking apps as those are trying to see how fast things go and to slow them down is obviously not in their best interest. Their main sin is they were not upfront about this.
AnandTech | Update on GPU Optimizations in Galaxy S 4

Good story showing that AppleInsider has one less straw to grasp.
Android, iOS, Samsung, and the facts about brand loyalty

Yet another story showing that AppleInsider has one less straw to grasp.
Galaxy S3 and Note 2 beat the iPhone 5 in customer satisfaction survey

Oh dear, yet another story showing that AppleInsider has one less straw to grasp.
Google Play Store downloads surpass Apple App Store for the first time

Wow, AppleInsider may soon run out of straws to grasp!
Jelly Bean passes 40% Android adoption, but just 6.5% of devices run latest 4.2 build

I've been wondering what would replace our clearly dying local newspaper...
Google testing local news for Google Now mobile app, report says -

Motorola X Launch

My normal rule is I don't cover devices unless they are in some way innovative, unusual, or important. For example I gave a brief mention of the Samsung S4, most because the S3 was extremely important. Well, the Moto X is innovative, unusual, and important, so it gets it's own section today. Often in coverage, one sees comments about the Moto X having mid-range hardware. Phone's don't need bleeding edge chips any more. If you want to have great battery life, you need to use a "lesser" processor. Unless you play bleeding edge games on your phone, you're really not going to notice. So which do you want, the fastest processor available or great battery life? I'll take the battery life any day. On a tablet, hybrid or all-in-one I will move towards the speed over battery life.

Motorola launches Moto X smartphone, promises you can use it without touching it - Liliputing

Motorola Connect Chrome extension: Get phone call, SMS notifications on your PC - Liliputing

What Makes The Moto X The Smartest Smartphone Around – ReadWrite

When I learned of the specs and features of the Moto X, my first thought was Google has made a phone that is what an iPhone would have been if Apple were still innovative.
Should Apple Be Worried About The Moto X Smartphone? - Forbes

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