Thursday, August 22, 2013

AMD, ARM and Intel News

I've been saying that MediaTek was a place to be watching...
New low-cost Kindle Fire models to use MediaTek MT8135 big.LITTLE SoC, report says

Basically this next says that Samsung will be delving into the guts of the standard ARM processor to make improvements (much as Apple does [though it's unclear if Apple is effective or not]).
Samsung reportedly looking to engineer new ARM-compatible Exynos processor

ARM Strengthens Grip On Phone Processor Market

First time I've seen an AMD Temash in a device.
Asus VivoBook X102BA: 10 inch mini-laptop with AMD Temash - Liliputing

I've pointed out repeatedly, that the non-tablet, non-phone, non-PC space is where I see the bulk of growth coming. I'm not sure I like the phrase Internet of Things... but that is what it is being called. It's kind of funny watching Intel scramble to get to tablets (they really are not close in phones). By the time they get there, that won't be the important place to be. Still, I'm glad Intel is trying, I don't think it would be healthy for ARM to have it all.
ARM working on low-power processor for IoT

These next two are about "Avoton", Intel Atom chips that are intended for servers.
Intel 'Re-imagines' The Data Center With New Avoton Server Architecture, Software-Defined Services

Atom "Avoton" processors to launch in Q3 2013

I find this a bit sad... it takes 17W which is simply not very good these days. I'll be glad when the ARM-based ones become common... or perhaps Intel Avoton can fill this role? I really want decent mini servers to be available. One of the problems with getting ARM-based ones is that the high-end chips are in mildly short supply, and this market is small and less lucrative. Perhaps Bay Trail might have a home after all?
Intel Celeron powered mini-PCs for under $200 - Liliputing

I suspect this announcement means that Bay Trail is going to disappoint. It's a pattern Intel seems to have fallen into... ship late such that the chips really aren't competitive, then say but wait until "code name", we're shipping it sooner than we've said. It's ironic, Motorola used to play that role relative to Intel.
Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) May Speed the Launching of Improved Smartphone and Tablet Chips

This appears to be pricing for Bay Trail, but labeled as Celeron and Pentium... if it's real, it's outrageous. Of course, that's list price... but even if the actual price is half that, it looks like to me Intel is pricing itself out of the market.
Intel to launch J1750, J1850 and J2850 ULV processors

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