Monday, July 22, 2013

Non-Android Linux and Open Source News

Windows 3.11 deserved a tribute. In its time and place it allowed many a small business to get the benefits of networking without the massive IT overhead it then usually required.
20 years after Windows 3.11, Linus unveils “Linux for Workgroups”

Looks like I wasn't the only one rooting for Tizen. But is it too late?
Tizen Rising: Can a $4M App Challenge Do the Trick?

Xfce bears watching. It is a good solution for those that prefer the simple. Until recently it was perhaps too simple, but it looks interesting to me now.
Linux Mint 15 Xfce released | ZDNet

First Xen release under LF.
The Linux Foundation releases open source hypervisor Xen 4.3

OpenStack is likely to become the number one cloud platform:
Happy Birthday OpenStack! How did you grow up so fast?

This is like Wine for OS X.
OS X apps on their way to Linux courtesy of Darling project

Welcome to the era of $99 servers/desktop machines!
Utilite ARM-based Linux computer coming in August for $99 and up

12 important things that are made with Linux.
What's Linux For?

Has a valid point, but I don't think anyone knows of a solution.
Are there too many Linux distros? Is distro overload killing Linux on the desktop?

Well, it appear that Apple isn't the only place with substandard security. (Really, this may be worse, they appear to have gotten passwords here.)
1.82 million accounts compromised in Ubuntu forum hack

It has been clear to me for a few years now that it would become possible for relatively small entities to make affordable hardware. This might become the first example of a widespread product that fulfills that description.

Linus Torvalds goes a bit too far sometimes...
Linus, Sarah and the Linux Civil Code

More Linus chastisement:
Why this hacker stood up against 'verbal abuse' in Linux land

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