Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Microsoft News

The first two articles are thoughtful opinion pieces.
The Flaw in Microsoft’s Windows 8 Logic

Google and the art of distracting Microsoft

Microsoft getting desperate (not really that new). Hint, they are still overpriced - especially the keyboard.
Microsoft to Slash Surface RT Prices by $150

I think it is cool that Linux paid tribute to Windows 3.11... it was a really great Windows version. It optionally came with a network adapter that made it really easy to get networking installed an running... a difficult thing in its time.
20 years after Windows 3.11, Linus unveils “Linux for Workgroups”

He's too young to be senile?
Bill Gates says Microsoft Bob will make a comeback

More desperation from Microsoft.
Confidential Microsoft brief: 'We're TOAST if we fight Google on price'

Of all of Microsoft's recent operating software attempts, I find Windows Phone the least objectionable. I do not think it is great, but is definitely not bad. Nokia's new camera software appears to be fantastic.
Nokia Performing The Impossible: Making Windows Phone Cool

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